What Does Pimples on Your Face Mean

Do you ever heard about the map face? It turns out that pimples tend to appear still in the same locations on the face. Have you ever wondered why that is? Certainly not because their favorite place is your nose or forehead. The tendency of pimples to appear at a certain place is associated with the state of our body. Thanks to them you can find out what is wrong with your organism. It turns out that our bodies give us in this way itself felt – take care of me, investigate, because something is wrong. How, then, to decipher the pimples on your face? Answer Below:

1 & 3 – the bladder and digestive system. Change your diet, reach for a more balanced meals which provide a light, a variety of meals. Drink plenty of water.

2 – liver. Try to avoid alcohol, heavy meal or dairy products. Pimples in that area could also mean allergies to certain products. Test yourself Allergy.

4 & 10 – kidney. Make sure that the very well-watered your body. Drink plenty of water, remove from sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol. This type of fluids you dehydrate.

5 & 9 – the respiratory system. Smoke? Stop it! Your respiratory system calling for help. It is also the area of occurrence of pimples in people with allergies.

6 & 8 – kidneys. Dark circles under eyes and around the eyes is a sign of dehydration. Drink as much water.

7 – the heart. Check the blood pressure, examine the blood. Also, make sure that you do not use cosmetics that irritate your skin.

12 – stomach. Consider carrying detox, enable more fiber to your diet.

11 & 13 – hormones. Stress and hormonal changes may be manifested by the appearance of pimples in these areas face. Enter the diet more green vegetables, plenty of still water.

14 – infection. Pimples on the neck is a sign that your body fights the bacteria or virus. Turn Safe Mode, eat more garlic, lemon, lots of drink.