What Are The Causes of Hair Loss?

For some time you notice that after combing hair, a lot of your hair is on the brush or comb? If you are sure that is not associated with any disease, but is merely the result of inadequate diet or weakening of hair after winter or a history of stress, use the comprehensive therapy. Go on a diet that will complement the deficiency of minerals (including iron), the use of vitamin supplements, do strengthening masks, conditioners and rinses.

Reach for herbs

Strengthens the hair structure, among others, silicon, which can take the form of tablets or decoction. It is also the nettle, squeak of the field, couch grass and coltsfoot.

2 tablespoons dried or fresh herb pour 2 cups of water. Cook for 20 minutes, and the remaining liquid drink daily. To achieve positive results, drink it for a minimum of three weeks.

Remember to iron

An important role in complementing its deficiency plays a diet rich in red meat (eg. Beef), liver, vegetables and legumes, for example. Lentils and soybeans. This mineral provides hematopoietic tops, so each day add it to the salad or cottage cheese.

Component spring salads can also be young or dried nettle leaves, which is sprinkled with soup or salads. Such treatment should last at least a month.

Add vitamin

Vegetable iron is best absorbed with vitamin C, so during meals, drink the juice of citrus. Or fresh vegetables, for example. Carrots, beets, celery, cabbage, apples. Valuable for the body are especially blended juices, because providing a set of vitamins and minerals. Their mutual beneficial proximity facilitates the assimilation.

treatment onion

The easiest way is to rub the scalp with onion juice. Freshly squeezed juice massaged gently on the head and leave for 30 minutes, then wash your hair. Treatment, use 2 times a week for three months.