Quick Diet to Burn Fat on Your Stomach

Here’s a quick diet to burn fat on your stomach. Stress, work, unhealthy nutrition causes the abdominal fat accumulates most. Apply described below diet and after a week you will notice a reduction in waist circumference. The only condition shred and stick to the principles described.

Products and time consumption of meals:

apples – an important product, eat at least one a day. Apples cleanse the colon,
dairy – skinny, at least once a day, in the evening. Dairy causes saturation and speeds up metabolism,
Nuts – even though they are caloric, they are included in the amino acid protects against stress,
oatmeal and flaxseed – add to salads and soups, rich in fiber – which gives satiety,
lettuce – as an appetizer and main dish, is low in calories, helps you lose weight and gives satiety,


During the diet do not eat sweets, let us replace them, for example. Bitter chocolate, which has far fewer calories than sweet chocolate. Eat apricots, prunes and raisins. Use a sweetener instead of sugar or sweeteners and get rid of sugar from the diet completely.

The diet should also get rid of the salt, which retains water in the body, junk food – all food and products are greasy and contain a large dose of calories.

And at the end of the commandment to be followed to diet gave results:

count calories and do not exceed 1000-1200 calories per day,
avoid the effect of hunger by eating much smaller portion 5 times a day,
Never use fasting. Fasting make you feel weak and you do not feel anything, so you should be back to an unhealthy diet. When fasting at the start of weight loss is due to water loss from the body, later, the effect is much smaller.
After the diet for a flat stomach, do not go back to old habits to avoid yo-yo effect.

To make it you could see the effect of diet you have to spend and start to lose weight by refusing a large dose of calories. The only way to achieve results. Of course, like any diet so this should be accompanied with sports or aerobic.

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