How to Improve Your Appearance in 1 Hour

On this night you would like to look stunning. As this is achieved when you suddenly was time to prepare? Contrary to appearances, enough time to do the deity enough. Refer to the instructions, so that in the hour change of Cinderella into a real princess.

Scrub and moisturizing

Take a cool shower – stimulates circulation and give your skin a radiant look. Wash your hair and apply conditioner on them. While cosmetic work, make body scrub, dry them with a towel and rub gently regenerating and moisturizing lotion.

Radiant Face

Waiting to absorb the lotion, make facial scrub and apply a five-minute mask. Now semi-dried hair. Rinse off the mask and pat moisturizer.

Permanent hair

As between the application of the cream and application of makeup should take 10 minutes, take the time to give haircut shape. Rub the bridge of his hair foam (of no more than a walnut). Capture the hairstyle lacquer spraying from a distance of 30 cm.


Apply a base for makeup. This product will make your skin will be smoother and easier to spread on the substrate. Decide on a fluid illuminating. Disguises imperfections equalizer. Apply concealer under the eyes brightening. Capture the whole loose powder. At the end do eye makeup, pink highlight cheekbones and delicate lips gloss. Do not forget to give shape brows with a pencil or shadow eyebrows. At the end of the spray behind the ears and on the wrists favorite perfume. And voilĂ , you’re ready to go!