How to Get Rid of Hair Dye Stains From Skin

Hair Coloring is a fairly common cosmetic procedure many women. With various kinds of paints ladies can change hair color as you often want. The first such treatments have been used since antiquity. Women used when natural dyes. In contrast, a fairly common problem after hair dyeing are remaining spots on the skin of the paint. They are less visible on the top of her head. The more you see them around neck and forehead. What to do if the paint does not want to wash it? In this article you will find some tips on how to get rid of hair dye from the scalp.

Of course we will not have these problems if we use the services of a professional hairdresser. Mostly used for the different types of hats that are applied around the neck and around the ears. Some barbers also use special creams (similar consistency to Vaseline) to prevent contamination of skin paint.

When you realize that your skin color is similar to the color of your hair, you have several outputs. First, you can obtain a specialized formulations that can get in hair salons. You will get them as well in most drugstore cosmetics. Follow these preparations according to the instructions on the package.

What to do if you can not get this type of preparations in your area. Nothing is lost. There are methods that do not require special products that are available only at the hairdresser. Use an ordinary Vaseline or baby oil. Put it on a place where there are blemishes and leave overnight. In the morning after the paint stains should disappear.

Some paint can be washed off with plain water and soap. However, this does not work for all products. Always worth a try. Use this warm water and antibacterial soap. Wet the stained area with water and then apply a little soap on it. Rub a few moments and then rinse. If the stain does not come off, repeat this step several times.

This method is quite old. For the first time it was used in the 70 th century. It is quite extraordinary way. Just cigarette ashes. Take some ash on your fingers or a cloth and legwork for discolored places. Then rub the delicate movements. If this does not help, you can use as well toothpaste. These solutions are weird but they can help.