How to do Makeup for Halloween “last minute”

If daily responsibilities meant that You could not think of a Halloween metamorphosis, no hair-pulling head, do not despair, do not call or secret power to moved you to help. Yet nothing is lost. With this the advice you’ll find that in a very fast and simple way in just a few moments perform makeup on Halloween “last minute”. Below you will find five proposals.


To do this you only need make-up brush and black paint to paint the face. Start by making the contour bat eye pencil and fill in all the paint for the face. What’s more, painted mask is much more comfortable to use than the plastic or rubber counterpart.


Perfect and impressive makeup to perform at the last minute. After performing the traditional makeup take to hand brush and black and white paint to the face (it can also be used on wet white eye pencil and black eyeliner). On the whole face make white dots, and all sharp lines (eyebrows, jaw line, lip liner, lash line, contour nose) highlight black strokes. For best results do use the blue paint on the face or shadow in the same color tears. They also draw a eyeliner.


This makeup execute in less than 30 minutes. A key element is the imposition of excessively large amounts of pink on the cheekbone. Do not rubbed pink, but paint on the cheeks two large wheels. Eye pencil draw two lines starting at the corners of the mouth and ending at the chin. This is a characteristic sign of the dummy. Do not forget to emphasize the eyes fair amount of eyeliner and painting lips on red color