How to Comb Your Hair to not Destroy Them?

When and how often should you comb your hair? How to clear brush or comb? How to properly comb your hair? Whether it is better to comb your hair wet or dry?

When you comb your hair?

Best hair comb before washing them. Then you can eliminate the problem of kinking and the subsequent difficulties to comb.

How often do you comb your hair?

Straight hair should be combed every day to remove tangles, moisturize, cleanse, protect hair structure and close the scales by distributing sebum, which produces the human body. In addition, combing the hair stimulates the blood circulation and hair growth, skin while removing dead hair.

Curly hair to be combed less frequently, preferably before and after washing, they are wet. After drying is not recommended to re-combing, because they can thus look like hay. For combing should use a comb with widely spaced teeth.

How to comb your hair?

1. First of all, we act patiently and quietly, without undue haste. In particular, if the hair is long and thick.

2. If we took care of the appropriate level of hydration and appropriate product to facilitate combing hair, then surgery should proceed without complications.

3. Not recommended combing the hair from the top. Best to separate the strands and begin to comb his hair from the ends. When these are already combed, you can proceed to higher party. The last phase of activity is combed hair over their entire length smooth motion when individual parties will have untangled.

4. While combing the hair is recommended to hold the strands at the base – if not unnecessarily stretch the hair follicles.

5. We need to use a comb with widely spaced teeth. After the brush can reach, when shag in its entirety will be parted.

6. If you have thick hair, much better to start combing from the bottom. Spine bands at the top, leaving only a small portion of the bottom. Gentle motion comb them. Then select another band and act similarly, until all the hair is combed.

7. When you are finished brushing, you can re-apply formulation facilitates combing. As a result, the band will be less susceptible to the formation of tangles.

How to wash your brushes and combs?

Obligation to maintain the brushes and combs clean may be for some quite trivial, but unfortunately not all of the recall. It is to remove a systematic combed hair combing and after each wash, respectively. In this way you can avoid entering into the hair of dirt and sebum that has accumulated since the last combing. As a result, your hair will remain fresh for a longer time and will not be so quick to do the greasy.

How to wash your brushes and combs? Top-like hair, or shampoo. To this end, sink or bowl of water should be added a teaspoon of shampoo and optionally two drops of ammonia. The resulting solution tools should soak 10-15 minutes. Instead of shampoo and ammonia can also be used a solution of baking soda or vinegar. After finishing the cleaning brushes and combs dry it with a towel.