How To Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

A well chosen hairstyle can often change the whole face. It should take care of her fit. It is important to hair length, their shape and color. Professional hairdresser with a good eye will surely help you in choosing the right hairstyle. However, before you go to a professional, you can get some advice about itself roughly fits the shape of your face and what colors can you fit. It is worth to know what length of hair to wear, whether to opt for bangs, or lighten or darken the color. Read all about it in this article.

First of all, it is important to determine your face shape.

Comparing them to the geometric shapes. So we have:

oval – low or high forehead, narrow spacing cheekbones, rounded beard sometimes quite long (like a circle, only narrower)

circle – low forehead, prominent cheeks, rounded chin

square – a broad, low forehead, wide chin, cheekbones wide apart

triangle – a wide forehead and narrow chin, cheeks wide apart bones

rectangle -high forehead, wide chin (elongated face has a rectangular shape but is narrow)

As the ideal to be achieved is considered an oval face. Generally it to move closer to this form should be pursued by choosing a hairstyle. Does this mean that the ladies of the oval mouth can afford to let anything? Of course not. In particular, if the face is gaunt and lean should be wary of hairstyles that extend it. Do not be so conducive to long hair. However, the truth is that women with an oval face shape can afford the highest number of hairstyles.

Once we define our shape of face, it is important to know some good advice as to the selection of hairstyles. First of all, s going down the myth that everyone is good in long hair. As we wrote above, if you have a thin long face, put better on the shorter length. Also, women with a narrow triangular face can be not so good in long hair. Short hair is also better for people with a square-faced. Modeled hair behind her ear make a rounded bottom contour. In addition, oblique bangs to the side, which also features rounded us. Fashion for long hair, however, will never fade, so women who have them do not have to venture to reach for the scissors. Long hair are suitable in particular for women with round or rectangular mouth (if it is not too narrow), and of course the oval. In addition, the ladies of the contours resembling the wheel will fit bangs to the side. Lord of the oval face should be put on the side pockets or bangs, especially if they have a high forehead.

How to choose color?

First of all, nothing should be done by force. Consider what color would you like to have, but also whether it will fit yours. Do not make drastic changes. If, for example.’re A dark brunette with a swarthy complexion coloring blond is a bad idea. On the other hand, if you’re brown hair and wondering what to do with his color will brighten it up to 99% better than dim. This is because most of the brown hair is darkened blonde.. blond hair, light up their faces and make you will look more stylish. Dark can grieve them. Many ladies also goes well change for the red color of the hair. However, if the best we can achieve in this way type of beauty autumn. What then, of blondes? There are ups and downs. Those with darker complexion and eyes, and can be easily dimmed. However, those with lighter housing or should lighten or darken a few tones (light browns, sweet chestnut or brown), but rather did not experiment with the cold, dark colors.

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