How to Care for Natural Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair can be very difficult to maintain, what to hide, I know something about it. Therefore, I collected for you some golden tips on how to look after them. You will find them below:

Nature curls

Naturally curly hair is more dry and porous than the simple (which does not mean that the more destroyed). Because they have a smooth structure, the lack of gloss and hydration. Therefore, it is important to use products designed specifically for their care. The ingredients already at the wash allow you to get a nicer, more distinctive twist.

Without a dryer

If after washing the head you have some time, let your hair dry without a dryer (so do not be so desiccated). To easily were arranged, reach for the cosmetic, which applied to wet hair will give curls nice shape and shine.

Protection from the sun

Due to the low level of moisture, curly hair require additional protection. Even during the autumn or winter walking trip on skis, be sure to spraying hair spray with good filters.


curly hair – especially when exposed to moisture – tend to frizz up and uncontrolled twisting. Therefore, we apply varnish to protect them from the weather and the environment. It should also have on hand cosmetics disciplines. Selecting them, remember that they are well matched to the needs of your hair, for example. Thick hair cosmetics could too heavily loaded thin hair and make hair ugly.