Homemade Masks for Hair Growth

Try these hair masks, based on home recipes for little money. It should cultivate Your hair, because well-groomed hair is a great aphrodisiac. Men love long, shiny hair skimming beautifully tanned shoulders.. Here are easy ways to beautiful hair.

Homemade hair masks differ significantly from those that are available in stores. They are completely natural and cheap. What do you need? Cheap products from pharmacies and … your own fridge.

1 Cosmetic kerosene. This product is publicly available, cheap. Great shine, makes them soft and pleasant to the touch.

2 Castor oil. Perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates damaged tip.

3 Beer. Not only tastes great on hot days, but it takes care of the hair. Makes them shiny, soft and smooth.

4 Lemon. Ingeniously shine, gives the impression that they are fresh, healthy, well-nourished.

5 Milk. Moisturize hair – I also recommend to use on the skin of the whole body.

6 In addition, products such as egg yolk, chamomile, various oils.

Lotion polishes and strengthen our hair. Using them regularly, we bring to the beautiful appearance of hair – hair will be soft, less dry and less brittle.

Lotion beer: 3 glasses of beer mix with a glass of water. The standard wash your hair with shampoo (preferably herbal), then washed our hair rinse recipe. Do not worry about the smell. Fast pass, when your hair is dry.

Rinse milk – the hair, apply a couple of tablespoons of whole milk. Leave the towel for about 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use once a week.

A glass of lemon juice + water – rinse hair in the resulting liquid. Do not use too often this treatment, because the excess lemon can dry your hair a little bit.

Ingredients simple, right? Preparation is also trivial. So do not shy away from preparing a home treatment for hair, the works!