Best Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Glasses can be a wonderful accessory that completely change the way we look. Properly selected may give us grace and alleviate not always perfect facial features. But when it comes to makeup, wearing glasses requires a certain concept. Too heavy makeup will make you look like a librarian who is trying to do with each other sex-bomb. Too delicate features completely hide your face. It is important to find a middle ground that will emphasize your eyes so that the glasses will seem even more beautiful. A key element – eyeliner. More details are below.

Stick to neutral colors

Remember that in your case, less is definitely more. The fact that you wear glasses almost all the attention focused on your eyes, so it’s best to eye makeup was quite simple. Stick to neutral shades, but remember that in the crease, apply a darker shade, thus emphasizing the eye. Bright, bold colors leave lips. Do not forget corrector under the eyes. You should remember him every woman, especially one who wears glasses.

Do not be afraid of mascara

In most cases, apply 2-3 coats of mascara to really emphasize and open your eyes. Always use black mascara, only he will achieve a truly visible effect.

Remember the dash

When you wear glasses, it is important to emphasize not only the eyes but also the selection of appropriate thickness of the line. If you are thick spectacle frames, make thicker dash along the upper lash line to eyes were visible from under glasses. If the frames are thinner, good results will bring gentle, soft lines.

Highlight the eyebrows

When you wear glasses, eyebrows are very important. Make a spectacle frame that they are targeted by each observer. Ability to properly regulate and paint eyebrows can completely change the look of your face.

Type of lenses

If the lenses of your glasses make the eyes appear smaller, always remember to trace the eyes around the upper and lower lash line. I would recommend the use of eyeliner that is darker than your natural eye color because it perfectly highlight your eyes on the principle of contrast. At the end of the upper eyelashes paint 2-3 layers of black mascara.

If the lenses of your glasses visually enlarge the eyes, remember to do makeup very gently rub and all is well. The last thing you want is that the glasses increased all your shortcomings. When it comes to eye shadows, choose light, neutral colors. Eyeliner should be delicate and thin line. The eyelashes, apply only one layer of mascara.