5 Tips for Beating Wrinkles

Whether we like it or not, our skin ages from day to day. Sooner or later on our face we notice first wrinkles. If there is, it’s not going to disappear, but may become less visible. How do I hide them? Most important are the three principles, which are read below. It should implement them as soon as possible.

Apply daily care exfoliating preparations. Well to contain salicylic acid, which dissolves the horny skin.

After the evening make-up remover, apply an exfoliating cream, for example. Pyruvic acid and azelaic acid.

With fixed wrinkles will be needed to help cosmetic medicine. Useful to scrub that exfoliates strongly.

Use creams with hyaluronic acid, which strengthen collagen fibers. Well, to cosmetic had composed a retinol and peptides. Twice a week Apply anti-wrinkle mask.

Avoid the use of heavy makeup. Use the illuminating light sleepers or BB creams. Sprinkle face brightening loose powder. Shades of beige paint eyes and eyelashes – mascara brown or graphite.