5 Safe and natural household pest control

Chemical products are indeed toxic to humans. So it’s safer to rely on natural pest control methods to ensure that these creatures bug you no more.

1. Garlic – Leave in cupboards, on shelves and in different corners of a few peeled cloves of garlic. That should deter pests and discourage them to settle.

2. Coffee grounds – Dregs of previously brewed coffee will be useful not only for divination, but also to combat marauding insects in our house. Arrange them in areas where they appear, and wait for the effect.

3. Cucumber – Ants scare freshly cut cucumber slices. Top arrange them in the corners of the cabinets.

4. Vinegar – Places most visited by pests wipe with vinegar. spacing also several open containers of vinegar. You can add to them a few drops of essential oils.

5. Corn starch – Corn starch works like coffee grounds. Sprinkle her areas visited by ants. In this way discouraged them to settle.