5 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Hairstyle

You do not need wash your hair every moment to enjoy the beautiful hairstyle. We have 5 proven ways how to make your hair look beautiful anyway and fresh!

1. Divide hair into strands and each brush out comb. In this way, the hair will gain extra volume. Active capture your strong varnish.

2. Ornaments in the hair is a super way to refresh hair – wear fashionable, wide band or plug the large decorative clip or comb the hair.

3. Comb your hair smoothly back into a ponytail and bundle the whole capture your hairspray.

4. Spray the hair with dry shampoo, after a few minutes carefully disable the remnants of cosmetics. Included in the dry shampoo powders absorb sebum and quickly refresh your hair without washing them.

5. Use a light spray that stylize and refreshes hair between washes. We recommend lightweight spray conditioner Pantene Aqua Light, which smoothes the hair well and does not charge. You can use it on dry hair.