5 Brilliant Uses for Baby Powder

Turns out, there’s actually lots of way to put baby powder to good use. Here’s my top 5 favorite ways to use it:

1. Get your pet clean using baby powder as a dry shampoo, which will leave him smelling nice and fresh without having to toss him in the tub.

2. Sprinkle a little in your dishwashing/cleaning gloves. It makes it easier to get them on and off.

3. Thicken up your eyelashes by dusting with baby powder before you apply mascara. The powder will act as a primer, giving you fuller lashes without the falsies.

4. When your shoes aren’t smelling their best, fill with baby powder and let set overnight.

5. Going for a summer run? Sprinkle powder wherever you may chafe before heading out. The powder will help reduce friction when running to keep your skin protected and smooth.