5 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C For Beauty

Many women give up the summer with the use of creams with vitamin C. Wrongly. This component, which you should look for in cosmetics for the whole year! The most common source of vitamin C are citrus fruits. Not surprisingly, it is the easiest of them to win a valuable component for domestic cosmetics.

Goodbye spots!

Even our grandmothers appreciated lemon at lightening freckles and sunspots. It should benefit from their wisdom.

Vitamin C contained, inter alia, in citrus gently exfoliates the skin, accelerates skin regeneration and fights free radicals, which slows down aging.

The skin after using cosmetics with vitamin C gets healthy color is lightened, and capillaries less visible. Creams that contain both a sunscreen and this vitamin, longer protect against the harmful effects of sunlight.


This valuable component accelerates the synthesis of collagen, making the skin smoother. Treatment with ascorbic acid is recommended for smokers, with hyperpigmentation. It leaves the skin is stimulated to renew, the effects can be observed after the first peeling. For complete regeneration worth repeating it 6-8 times every 10 days.


Home tonic do mixing glass of lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon. Brightens, pulls and moisturizes. For oily skin.


Provide vitamin C skin dry. Mix two tablespoons of juice, egg yolk and apply on face for 30 minutes.


Lightens normal skin. Combine two tablespoons of juice with protein beaten stiff and a few drops of olive oil. Apply the mask on for 20 minutes.